Did you know, that you are wonderful?You’re smart, you’re bright, you’re caring, you’re confident and you’re incredibly beautiful — We all have that within ourselves, but we trap those qualities in our limited belief of ourselves. Confidence doesn’t just appear. It’s not something we can purchase online and apply to ourselves. It comes with work. It comes with peeling back […]

How to plan your social media for the month.

Are you stuck with ideas on what to post?Or maybe you feel like you’re always on your phone or computer creating content?I know i did! I was constantly feeling stressed out about having to post to my social media, and i was creating content right when i thought about it, which meant i was so disconnected from my world and […]

Lifelong Vitality Supplement Trio.

Lifelong Vitality Trio | Free with Enrolment in November. Every single wellness protocol starts with this trio because every single ailment and dis-ease stems from inflammation and we know that every solution happens at a cellular level. These should be the foundation of everyone’s health journey as it helps to fill the gaps that are left in our nutrition and […]

The Limbic System | How does it work?

Hey guys, in this post I talk about how the Limbic System works, what the Limbic System is, what it does and why we should be careful with what its exposed to.So for those who don’t know what it is, or why it’s such a huge part of our body system, then keep reading.I promise you that by the end […]

Natural Support for dogs.

This post is a little different than my others.Ive been using essential oils to support my family for years, and over time I have learnt what works, and what doesn’t, what feels good and what doesn’t, and I’ve seen their healing power right in front of my eyes. There’s a lot of mixed information out there on the World Wide […]

Work from home with Me!

Hey, I’m Hayley.I’m a Wifey and a mama. I’m extremely passionate about things that are natural,and Essential oils have done so much for me and my lifestyle that i just have to share them with others, and help them transform their life too. From a crappy immune system, constant head tension and debilitating endometriosis, plants and nature began to heal […]

My Endometriosis Story and Healthy Hormones.

I want to start this off by telling you my backstory.A few years back, I was working in childcare, I was constantly sick and constantly stressed. I was pretty unhealthy, really. I struggled really badly with period pain for as far back as I can remember.I used to be crippled in pain, curled up on the toilet or bathroom floor, […]

Wisdom Tooth Removal.

My husband had a rotten wisdom tooth that desperately needed removal, the dental surgery quote was a few too many numbers longer than we had hoped and not having health cover, we started to save our pennies to work towards getting it done – because, health is a huge priority for us. My dad had told us about an amazing […]

Smoking and Addictions.

The reason I thought of this post is not super random and it’s a subject that hits me deep in my heart, but i want to disclose, i’m not a smoker. It all started when I got talking to a beautiful old couple when i was sitting around the pool on our recent holiday, and the man, he said to […]

Essential Oils for Labour and Birth.

Every birth experience can be different. Using essential oils during labour and delivery can be a great help if used the right way! I’ve helped many mama’s get set up with essential oils for birth, and everyone has had their own beautiful experience with them, in different ways. I have personally had a positive experience using essential oils to support […]