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Gift Giving Guide

Gift Giving Guide

Welcome to my Gift Giving Guide!
If you guys are new here,
I’m Hayley and i’m a doTERRA Wellness Advocate,
and i specialise in helping people start to live a low tox lifestyle
using essential oils and other natural products.

In this gift guide, i’ll be running through my doTERRA shop and
categorising items into price categories for all sorts of budgets.
You’ll find the perfect Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him,
Gifts for Kids and Teens here too.

So i hope you enjoy and find something you can gift to a
family member here!
Any questions, please feel free to message me on Instagram,
Facebook or email me.

Insta: @hayleysliquidlove
Facebook: Hayleys Liquid Love



We will start here for items under $15.
This is perfect for gifting your friends, teachers,
neighbours or for office party games.

Citrus Bliss SPA lotion.
This is a beautiful gift as it smells like citrus and is a natural
and non toxic formula that moisturises the hands,
but not only that, it contains our Citrus Bliss Essential Oil
Blend that helps to boost the mood and purify the air and surfaces.
It’s a beautiful hand cream to keep in your handbag,
baby bag or in your bathroom!
$11 wholesale | $15 retail | 5.50pv.

This beautiful oil is so gorgeous.
It’s amazing in a diffuser, creates flavour in your water bottle
(glass or stainless steel only)
it cleans every surface, replaces all your toxic cleaners
by adding 20 drops to a spray bottle with water
(glass or stainless steel spray bottles) and polishes
up stainless steel and leather perfectly!
Its a wonderful gift for someone as it does so much!

$13.50 wholesale| $18 retail |12.50pv

Hand Sanitiser is a high priority for everyone at the moment,
but most hand sanitisers contain some nasty chemicals in them that
strip the natural protective barrier from your hands.
In comes On Guard sanitising mist, and it’s a gentle but powerful
sanitising mist that smells so damn good!
It contains the On Guard protective essential oil blend
and it’s the perfect affordable gift for your handbag or car!

$10 wholesale | $13 retail | 6pv

This is the cutest gift ever!
It comes with 8 vials that you can fill with whatever essential oils you
want so you have them on hand whenever you need them!
The top of the vial has enough room for the oil stickers so you can keep
track of what you have in there.
The vials slide safely into the sides of the purple keychain and zips up!
Hang it on your handbag, keys, or on your pram!

$8 wholesale | $10.67 retail | 0pv

Moving onto gifts for under $25.
This is something you can fill a stocking with,
or still bring value for your loved one but on a smaller budget.

I don’t know about you, but i love getting soaps,
and bath items as a gift and this is the perfect gift!

It’s a low tox item that not only washes your body beautifully,
but it smells incredible!
AND it doubles as a non toxic bubble bath for you,
or your kids!
Other body washes dry out my skin,
where this formula is so nourishing!

$22 wholesale | $29 retail |11pv

Moisturising with this is next level!
Its fragrance free so you can add your essential oils
of choice to it for an aromatic and skin loving experience.

Its perfect for summer when your skin gets a little too
much sun, you can add some lavender or peppermint oil
to it to support the skin and cool it down.
The perfect gift, ever!
$24 wholesale | $32 retail |14.50pv

This is our most favourite carrier oil in the essential oil world.
It’s the base of every roller bottle, it’s the base of our aromatic
dressing or when using essential oils on our skin.
It is so nourishing to the skin on it’s own,
and helps to drive the essential oils deeper into the skin,
boosting their power.

It can even be used to remove makeup for a low tox option.
$16.50 wholesale | $22 retail | 15pv

This is hands down my most used item in my bathroom.
It is so beautiful and helps my skin to be so hydrated,
clear and youthful.

With it’s natural bentonite clay and essential oil infusion,
it’s a beautiful formula to help you relax!
The bentonite clay helps to draw out any toxins from your pores,
and you can use it in your armpits to draw out any toxins too!

$25 wholesale | $33 retail | 13.50pv

These are AMAZING!
Hands down the best lip balm i’ve used,
so nourishing, taste amazing and contain no nasty ingredients!

There are 3 flavors in this pack;

They are cheaper to buy in a trio, then seperate between
3 gifts or gift all 3 to one lucky person!

$22 wholesale | $29 retail | 10pv

This is such a beautiful oil.
It smells as good as you think.

You can use it as a flavouring in yoghurt
and add it to a glass water bottle for a gentle detox and water flavour
— it’s so good in soda water!

You can add it to a cup of sugar and
fractionated coconut oil for a natural body scrub,
and the properties in grapefruit help with cellulite!

$20.25 wholesale|$27 retail|18.5pv

Much like grapefruit, it’s a beautiful smelling citrus oil
and can be used to flavour water or beverages.
Coming into summer, i love a drop of lime in my soda water and cointreau!
It’s such a refreshing poolside cocktail if you will!

It mixes so well with yoghurt and muesli,
and makes a beautiful note in a diffuser blend to cleanse
the air in your home!

$17 wholesale|$22.67 retail|15.5pv

This oil is perfect if you want to give the gift of sleep
and relaxation to someone!
It is made from the wood of a cedarwood tree,
and it’s deeply grounding.

Put a drop onto the soles of your feet before going to bed
and put the comfiest bed socks on (or not)
to start the relaxation within your body.

$22.50 wholesale|$30 retail|14.50pv

The oil of gladness and creativity.
It’s as beautiful as it sounds and is a great food and
water flavouring, aswell as a great uplifting oil to add to your diffuser.

It’s a very cleansing, purifying oil that helps boost your mood
and help with relaxation all at once!
A beautiful gift to keep in your handbag to smell
when you need a mood boost!

$22 wholesale | $29 retail | 17pv

Do you love orange tic tacs?
Well this is the oil for you!
It smells exactly like an orange tic tac.

It’s a gorgeous blend of all the citrus oils together,
with a hint of vanilla absolute in it!
If a single citrus oil can boost your mood,
can you imagine what a bunch of them could do?!

$20.50 wholesale|$26.68 retail|18.5pv

Motivate is a blend from our emotional aromatherapy range,
and speaks true to it’s name!
It helps to bring on motivation and creativity and helps
provide a boost of energy that helps you accomplish your to do list!

A touch roller is just a diluted version of the oil
and comes in a 10ml roller ready to use on the skin safely.

$24 wholesale | $32 retail | 17pv

This blend is the relaxation blend and is known for it’s ability to
help to release tension in the body.
It’s great for head and neck tension,
and supports any pain within the body.

This roller isn’t a part of the touch range,
which means that although it’s a roller,
it’s undiluted instead!

$23.50 wholesale | $31.33 retail | $21.50pv

Moving onto items for those with a bigger budget.
Also affordable to recommend to others to buy for you, too.

Our beautiful blend is a limited edition roller blend and
it is what it says; beautiful.
They recently released this body mist with the
same scent as the beautiful blend and it is divine!

Leave your body with hydrated with an incredible
formula that smells divine!
You’ll get compliments all day long!

$37 wholesale|$49.33 retail|25pv

This is a cute little pack that is the perfect little introduction to essential oils.
It comes with 3x 5ml Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon essential oil.
These are 3 oils that are found in our two starter packs, and are very popular.
A great gift!

$26.50 wholesale | $35 retail | 16.5pv

The ice blue rub one of our most popular items,
it contains a full 5ml bottle of Ice Blue essential oil blend
and is in a muscle rub formula.

It’s insanely supportive for aching muscles
and the perfect gift for the man of the house,
a gym junkie friend, or a woman with monthly pain!
Instead of masking pain, it helps to fight the inflammation instead!

$38 wholesale | $51 retail | 31pv

Give the gift of a hug to a friend or loved one.
If you follow me on instagram,
you would know how much this oil has helped my family.
It is a blend of oils that work together to ground and help anxious feelings.
It can create calm in seconds!

This would be the most meaningful gift you could give.
$27 wholesale | $36 retail | 24.50pv

This is a powerful blend of essential oils to promote joy.
When you’re down, and feeling flat, a drop in your palm
and a deep breathe in is all you need to start to feel joyous and happy again.

Pop it in your diffuser while you work,
in a car diffuser while you drive or add to a roller
and apply to your wrists throughout the day to stay happy.

$49.50 wholesale |$66 retail| 45pv

Another huge favourite in this house!
If you know someone who needs some help to sleep,
then this is the gift for them.

It creates so much calm, and has a blend of woody,
florals with a hint of vanilla – it’s stunning!

If they don’t have a diffuser,
all they need is a drop on the soles of their feet and they’re good to go.

$40.75 wholesale | $54 retail | 37pv

Our calming blend, and oh boy it doesn’t get much better than this!

I use this on my toddler daily and it helps keep him calm,
it helps with anxious feelings, and it helps with sleep,
relaxation and a racing mind.

It smells i n c r e d i b l e and is the new guy around here.
Must have on the gift list!
(also comes in an undiluted 15ml)

$30 wholesale | $40 retail | 23pv

This shouldn’t even be on a gift list, this should be on your priority list!

If you’re a woman, live with a woman, have a teenage daughter,
this should and needs to be in your home!

Our world messes with our hormones all the time,
and this beautiful blend of oils can help to keep them balanced,
aswell as assisting any symptoms with PMS.

$30.75 wholesale | $41 retail | 28pv

Peace is another beautiful blend from our emotional aromatherapy range.
It’s diluted ready to use on your skin, great for kids,
teens who are highly strung, and great for adults while at work.

It’s supportive to our negative emotions that we experience
throughout the day and help us put them aside.

$29 wholesale | $39 retail | 20.5pv

Ladies, these are some freaking fantastic items you need on your list!
Tell your husbands, tell your mums, tell your friends!

Well, what can i say about this in a small little box – it’s a life changer.
This formula is created to tighten the skin, nourish the skin,
hydrate the skin and create youthful skin!

It is an 100ml bottle and it is the perfect after shower experience.
It has helped my mum tum heaps, with the scarring and stretch marks.

$96 wholesale | $128 retail | 67pv

Yarrow Pom is an amazing essential oil,
and very supportive for the skin which makes it popular
in most women’s beauty routine.

It helps with production of collagen which dwindles as we age.
It can be added to moisturisers, added to jojoba oil,
or in a roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil for easy application.

It also has huge emotional support too!

This unique blend works with the body chemistry of the individual,
meaning that it smells differently on everyone who wears it.
It smells like a musk stick, and is supportive to the hormones and body systems.

It is commonly used as a base for women’s natural pure-fumes and accompanied with other florals,
woods and citrus oils.
It’s beautiful!

$39 wholesale | $52 retail | 27pv

These rollers are the most popular perfume replacements when going
low tox, they smell 100x better and are 300x healthier for your body.

They are precious oils and take alot of plants to extract
the oils which makes them rare.
They make beautiful gifts.

NEROLI: $69 W | $92 R | 52pv
JASMINE: $62 W | $82 R | 47pv
MAGNOLIA: $41 W | $54.67 R |31pv
ROSE: $110 W | $146 R| 83pv

Now for the men in your life, you husband, boyfriend, brother, dad, son….
Or these also can be for women, too!

The perfect gift for those who do hard manual labour and are always sore, or maybe they love the gym,
or play sport – this is the best support!

The Ice Blue Rub has a full 5ml bottle of Ice Blue included in the formula,
but the extra 5ml Ice Blue layered with the coconut oil drives
the oil deeper into the muscles to support inflammation!

$97 wholesale|$129.67 retail |84.5pv

Past Tense roller is amazing for tension in the body,
but helps so much before bed to promote relaxation and sleep.
Black Spruce is incredible for grounding and helping to relax the
body and mind.

Use together as a combo to relax and unwind after work
and have the best night sleep.

$50.50 wholesale | $67.33 retail | 41.50pv

Our easy air range is a blend of oils that help to
open airways and promote clear breathing.
Here we have the Clear drops and the Vapour Stick
all clean natural alternatives.
$36.50 wholesale | $48.68 retail | 14pv

Just like the ladies perfume, cologne is very damaging to the body.
Here are some popular essential oils for men to wear together as
a natural alternative.

FRANKI: $90 W | $120 R | 77.5pv
BALANCE: $27 W | $36 R | 26.50pv
CEDARWOOD: $22.50 W|$30 R|14.5pv
SIBERIAN FIR: $27 W | $36 R | 20.5pv

Add 5x drops of each to a 10ml roller and you have a
beautiful woody scent to wear all day long!

Yep! There’s even oils for Kids and teens.
In fact, we have our own Kids Collection that is specific
to the most common needs of children.

6 blends to support children.
RESCUER soothing blend.
BRAVE courage blend.
STRONGER protective blend.
THINKER focus blend.
STEADY grounding blend.
CALMER restful blend.

The perfect gift for a teen, hormones are running rampant,
the body is changing, and stress is high.
Balance will help with anxious feelings and emotions.
Clary Calm helps to balance the hormones.
Lip balm is just a little treat!

Can’t choose?
There might be a better way to gift someone essential oils.
Have a browse through our Starter Packs as they are heavily discounted
and cover a range of areas that you might need support.

5 of the top emotional supporting oils in one pack;
Elevation, Citrus Bliss, Lavender Peace, Balance,
Adaptiv and a Petal diffuser.
[Includes free membership and is heavily discounted]
$226 wholesale | 150pv

5 essential oils and blends to help you with some sleep support,
and a fractionated coconut oil to mix the oils onto your skin with
or make a roller.

[This includes a free membership and is heavily discounted]
$172 wholesale | 125pv

Our top 10 essential oils in 15ml bottles, paired with a Petal Diffuser
and a Fractionated Coconut oil.
This pack is specifically designed by the experts to cover
every area in your home and is all you need to get started.

[includes free membership and heavily discounted]
$339 wholesale | 225pv

I hope you guys enjoyed this gift giving guide and it helped you find some
valuable and meaningful gifts for the people in your life and maybe
even for yourself.

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