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November Promotions

November Promotions

We are right on the tail end of 2020, and what a year it has been.
With a new month, comes new promotions and free items for customers,
and added extras for new members.

There are so many new opportunities for the business builders,
and being able to gift people with these promotions is so rewarding,
on top of already helping to empower them to live with more intention
and become the healers in their homes.

So let’s go through the promotions that are available for you in November.

10% Off:

There is a new discounted item every month and it is available all throughout the month.
The discount is available to everyone.
If you have an account already, you will have access to every item at 25% off,
but adding the extra 10% off gives you a 35% discount.

In November, we have the SPA Replenishing Body Butter at a discount of 10%.

The body butter is a beautiful formula with gentle and natural ingredients
making it a popular bathroom item for beautiful, healthy, hydrated skin
and more meaningful self care.

Wild Orange Essential Oil: Known for it’s cleansing benefits and promoting a positive mood boost.
Douglas Fir Essential Oil: Purifying to the skin and has an uplifting aroma.
Frankincense Essential Oil: Known for it’s skin benefits and has a balancing aroma.
Shea Butter: Helps moisturise the skin and hold hydration.
Cocoa Seed Butter: Soothing and nurturing to the skin.
Jojoba Seed Oil: It absorbs into the skin to moisturise, hydrate and help soften the skin.
Avocado Oil: Has essential fatty acids that help skin to look youthful, hydrated and healthy.

Use it after a shower, or after shaving your legs for perfectly hydrated,
smooth and silky skin all day long.
WAS: $28 wholesale.
NOW: $25.20 wholesale.

Product Of The Month:

This one is for existing members as a reward for being a loyal customer,
there is a free item for you every month!

Place an order through the Loyalty Rewards Program at 125pv before the
15th of the month and this item is automatically added to your order and
shipped to your door.

In November you have the opportunity to receive a free 15ml Tangerine
essential oil and this oil is a beauty and very valuable to your collection.

The oil of gladness and creativity.
It’s as beautiful as it sounds and is a great food and
water flavouring, aswell as a great uplifting oil to add to your diffuser.

It’s a very cleansing, purifying oil that helps boost your mood
and help with relaxation all at once!
A beautiful gift to keep in your handbag to smell
when you need a mood boost!

$22 wholesale | $29 retail | 17pv

Enrolment Promotion

Lifelong Vitality Trio | Free with Enrolment in October/November.

If you enrolled in October with an 100pv starting order, and then place an
order of 100pv through the Loyalty Rewards Program the following month
(Nov) then you will automatically receive this trio for free [worth $115]

And, those who enrol in November with an 100pv starting order will have
the same opportunity to get these for free when they place an 100pv order
through their Loyalty Rewards Program in December.


The Lifelong Vitality should be the foundation of everyone’s health journey
as it helps to fill the gaps that are left in our nutrition and absorbency of
much needed vitamins and minerals.

Every single wellness protocol starts with this trio because every single
ailment and dis-ease stems from inflammation and we know that every
solution happens at a cellular level.

It provides bioavailable crucial nutrients to the cells for building healthy
organs, tissues and body systems.

Learn more about them here
Learn about the Loyalty Rewards Program here

Gift Guides;

Because it’s November, that means the end of the year is nearly here,
which means it’s time to get organised with our gift buying, wrapping
and stressing!
But i’ve created a guide here for you that will take the stressing part out
of it and will help you with the getting organised side of things!

This gift guide is broken down into sections to suit you!
1. Gifts Under $15.
2. Gifts under $25.
3. Gifts under $50.
4. Gifts for Her.
5. Gifts for Him.
6. Gifts for Kids and Teens.
7. Gift a Starter Pack.

Find the Gift Guide here

Shopping through small business is so much more meaningful and special
beyond what you realise. The gifts are valuable, it comes from the heart
and you have the support there if thats what you are wanting!
Not to mention you are helping to put food on their tables.

To show my gratitude that you are even here reading this right now,
i want to gift you a free printable!
I have created a Gift Tracker that helps you organise your
buying list and who you’re buying for to avoid the overwhelm!
If you use it, please tag @hayleysliquidlove of you using it!

Get the tracker here!

Gift Tracker
[Free Printable]

    I wont spam you.
    Unsubscribe at anytime.

    A free gift from me.

    When you start your low tox journey and open an account with me
    to bring oils into your home, you receive this little welcome pack free.
    I like to gift people, and the best gift when you’re starting out with oils
    is knowledge and education.

    So, you’ll receive a welcome booklet that goes through;
    1. What are essential oils?
    2. About your account.
    3. Loyalty Rewards Program.
    4. Starter Kit Uses and inspiration.
    5. List of popular items outside of starter kits.
    6. Roller and Diffuser blend recipes.
    7. Dilution Guide.
    8. Your next steps.
    9. Financial Freedom.

    You’ll also receive a
    10ml Bamboo Roller bottle.
    Bamboo Dropper Bottle.
    Glass Spray Bottle with Rose Buds.

    And in November, you’ll receive a Tangerine essential oil
    valued at $29 for free.
    [November only]

    To recap;
    Open your account with a starting order of 100pv,
    get the welcome pack, free tangerine, 10% off body butter,
    and the opportunity to get the Lifelong Vitality Supplements for free.

    Place your second 100pv order through the Loyalty Rewards Program
    in December and get the Lifelong Vitality Supplements free
    and the opportunity to have access to 25% off everything
    AND the free product of the month that’s available in December.

    Mate. Spoilt or what?!

    Just think, that could all be yours!

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