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7 simple hacks to upcycle your oil bottles!

7 simple hacks to upcycle your oil bottles!

Hey everyone!
You’re obviously here because you have excess essential oil bottles
and you saw that i had a solution for you!
I started using my empty bottles as display in my office,
but then i started to collect too much and i needed a solution too.
I refused to throw them away, as i knew there would be a way to reuse and recycle them.

My empty bottle storage system,
also works as decor in my office lamp!

So here’s what i found.

I was browsing through my favourite local online oil store and found that
you could purchase roller, spray, dropper and pump tops specific for 5
and 10ml bottles.
This allows you to be able to use your essential oil bottles for so much.

First you want to soak your empties in a glass of water.
This allows you to get every single drop of oil out,
but don’t tip that water out just yet!
You can use this water for diffuser top ups and that way the oil isn’t wasted.

Soaking empties in a mason jar of water for use in my diffuser.

You could also soak your empties upside down in a bowl of epsom salts.
Again, just like the water trick, but your oil is being soaked up by the
epsom salts, and then used in the bathtub or as a foot soak in a bucket!

Soaking empty bottles in epsom salts to soak up leftover oil.

After you’ve gotten all your oil out of the bottles, you want to fill your sink
with boiling hot water and place your empties in there to soak for a few minutes.
You could drop 2 drops of lemon essential oil into the water to help with
the removal of the labels.

Once, they’ve soaked long enough, the bottles should come out clean.
Peel the labels off, and if they need it,
wipe them with some lemon essential oil to remove sticky residue.

Okay, now for the fun stuff!

Add a roller top the bottle.
This now becomes a bigger roller bottle for your most used roll on blend.
Keep it beside your bed, in your handbag, or in your bathroom for easy use.

Add a spray top to your bottle.
This is what i do, and i make individual room sprays.
One for the toilet, one for the living room,
one for the bedroom and even a linen spray.

Add a pump top to your bottle.
This is great cause you can use this to make your favourite face serum,
or maybe even a blend to put into your hair or a topical blend with some carrier oil.
We have even repurposed one that is designated for our Fractionated
Coconut Oil and it’s easier to take when we travel.

Add a dropper top to your bottle.
This can be used for diffuser blends that you use often, or like us,
we have made up a big massage oil and a ‘morphine bomb blend’
aswell as the ‘FLOOT protocol blend’ for easy access
to use in veggie capsules.

Add Epsom Salts to your bottle.
This can be gifted to those around you by adding a few drops of
essential oil to them.
Your friends can enjoy a foot bath or an essential oiled bath
at the end of the day.
This is also good for you to make up and have stored in your
bathroom for different blends to grab easily while your bath is running.

An empty bottle filled with epsom salts.

You can fill them with Shampoo and Conditioner.
You can fill them with your Lifelong Vitality Supplements when you travel.
You can fill them with Body Wash.
You can use them to give your friends samples,
Or even make different natural pure-fumes.

Get creative!
The ideas are endless if you put your mind to it.
Some people use wire and attach the bottles to fairy lights to make garlands.
It’s sweet, creative, useful and sustainable!

I hope this helped you find a way to use your empty bottles
and make use of them again.
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