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My daily supplement routine.

My daily supplement routine.

Hey there! I’m so happy you have found this blog as I share about my daily supplements that i take, why I take them and what they’ve done for my body.

I’m a huge advocate for health and wellness, and when I’m taking my supplements, they support my body and my mental health so much more than when I’m not.

For example. I went through a period in my life that had some really heavy emotions and I stopped taking them for a good two months or so — I ended up having insane brain fog, intense bloating and just felt so damn tired.

One day I woke up and kicked myself in the butt and made the choice to change my unhealthy habits — within two days of taking them again, I had more energy, felt way less bloated and could function as a human and mum (superwoman) again.

So what do I take?

Multi Vitamin:
First and foremost over every supplement — I take the Lifelong Vitality Pack. These are packed full of nutrients, minerals and vitamins that we don’t get in our daily diet due to the quality of food in 2021. It has the essential oil omega complex, food nutrient complex and the cellular energy complex.

I have used these for about 3.5 years straight and i have been the healthiest i have ever been, and i was a pretty unhealthy and sickly person!
I used them as my prenatal vitamin — midwife approved and just added an extra natural folate supplement to my intake during that time.
(not folic acid — there is a MASSIVE difference)

It’s important to me to have good gut health. I’ve been conscious of a wellness lifestyle for 4 years now and I’ve learnt about the gut being the second brain and how having unhealthy gut flora leads to a lot of dis-ease in the body and mind.

I’ve said it before, but our food quality is crap these days and therefore we are damaging our gut health daily, not to mention with medication that is taken these days, many people struggle in their gut.

A good probiotic gives life back to the gut and therefore has a ripple effect throughout the whole body.

Yarrow Pom Cellular Beauty Complex:
This one is a beautiful supplement, it’s fairly new in the DoTERRA world and can only be purchased from the US website. Within weeks of taking it I noticed that my nails were stronger, and my skin looked better.

I then discovered it’s because it combats oxidative stress on a cellular level as it provides a powerful antioxidant. It has a range of essential oils in these capsules that help with healthy metabolic function — my absolute favourite.

DDR Prime Softgels:
This is the cellular complex. It promotes a healthy response to free radicals and supports healthy cellular integrity. When it’s consumed daily it helps protect the body and cells from oxidative stress and provides huge antioxidant benefits.

It stands for Damaged DNA Repair and it’s incredibly supportive to the brain and helps to expand the life of our cells and DNA which are damaged constantly from our environment.

Vitamin D3:
Vitamin D is a very important vitamin to have in your body as it supports the immune system and our overall body health. It also helps us absorb calcium which helps keep our bones, muscles and cartilage strong.
We get natural Vitamin D from the sunshine too — so i always make sure i have my daily 20 minute exposure on bare skin!

Digestive Enzyme:
This one is also a part of the DoTERRA US website and is worth every penny! It contains whole food digestive enzymes that help with the digestion of food, and helps create a healthy gut environment in the body.

As we get older, our body slows down the production of digestive enzymes.
Our bones and muscles also use enzymes, so when our gut isn’t getting enough enzymes produced, it will prioritise and pull the enzymes from the muscles and bones, which is why as we get older we experience bone and muscle wastage.

So get some digestive enzymes into you now, and you wont have to worry about that later! PLUS it helped me so much when i was breastfeeding – when i was taking them, Isaiah (my son) was less gassy in his tummy aswell!

Vitamin C powder:
There really is no better way to keep your immune system strong. Vitamin C is the most supportive vitamin of them all when it comes to this area — our family takes it everyday, and i even put a scoop into my toddlers bathtub at night to counteract the chlorine absorption through the contaminated water.

Fish Oil:
I need all the brain health i can get! Fish oil and omega 3’s are so important and not many people know this! There are omega 3’s and there are omega 6’s – it’s important to have a healthy balance between the two. Omega 6’s are unhealthy when we have too much of it in our body, so taking omega 3’s is completely necessary!

Collagen Powder:
This beautiful powder is from @nutraorganics and is a staple in our household now! I add a teaspoon to my coffee with a teapsoon of cacao powder for a nutrient loaded coffee.

I also have the collagen powder in a glass of water and i use it to take my supplements in the morning — it contains vitamin C with Bioactive Collagen Peptides and Zinc which as most of us know help to nourish your body and gut health on a cellular level which shows up through our hair, skin and nails.

Some handy tips for keeping up the daily routine:

  1. “Out of sight out of mind” — Keep your supplements in view and you’ll have a better chance of remembering to take them.
    I have a supplement station set up right near my coffee machine which means i will see them when i go to make my morning coffee.
  2. Set an alarm on your phone. I set one around the time i go to make breakfast or my morning coffee, that way it’s another reminder to take them.
  3. Invest in a pill box or something you can put your daily supplements into to have in your handbag or car so you can take them with you and have while you’re on the go.
  4. Choose to make them a priority in your life.
    If you make the choice to be healthier and understand how your supplements will help you achieve health, it will be easier to add these into your daily routine.

I hope that this has helped you to understand supplementation a little better and why your body needs (and deserves) it!
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Lots of love, Hayley xo


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