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Did you know, that you are wonderful?
You’re smart, you’re bright, you’re caring, you’re confident and you’re incredibly beautiful — We all have that within ourselves, but we trap those qualities in our limited belief of ourselves.

Confidence doesn’t just appear. It’s not something we can purchase online and apply to ourselves. It comes with work. It comes with peeling back every single layer on top of it until it appears.

It comes with lots of self discovery, self development and by standing strong in what you believe in.

So how can we let go of limiting beliefs within ourselves?

Firstly, we have to check in with ourselves.
Who are we?
What makes us happy?
What makes us tick?
What are we drawn to in life?
And what are we manufacturing in ourselves to feel liked?

Those are some questions we can connect with and figure out about ourselves. We live in such a busy world, and with an ever changing social media trend and how one should act, what we should wear, or how we do our hair.

Oh, did you know that side parts are out now?
Weird right!? – I love my side part.

So the decision I have to make is, Do I part my hair in the middle just because Instagram told me it was cool. Or do I value the fact that i like my hair parted to the side, and I feel pretty when it’s like that?

With everything, we should be questioning things. Checking in with ourselves.
Does it fit with our values?
Does it make me feel good?
Am I just scared to step outside my bubble?

Once I started checking in with myself, and treating me like the boss of my own world, everything changed. Suddenly, I ran the ship, my ship, instead of everyone I thought mattered.

Do yourself a favour and start seeing the value in yourself. You are so damn special, you know. Cause you’re you – there’s only one of those in this world. And like my favourite movie says:
“You is brave. You is kind. You is important”.

If this message meant something to you, make sure you share it.
It could speak to someone else who needs it.

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