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Essential Oils For Children.

Essential Oils For Children.

Before I jump into telling you why your child needs this in their life and what to use them for, I wanted to level with you here.

As a mum to my first child, who is still a young little man, these have been used so often and have helped us both out so much. There is a roller for every situation you need for your child, and we have kept them in his room and reach for them every single night for natural and holistic healing.
They have been such a blessing.

I get to feel completely empowered to be the healer in my home, and we can rest assured that we can keep the level of health high in our home by choosing these for ourselves.

I love that they are safely diluted for use with children and have more gentle essential oils in the blends that still hold power for helping to heal the body.

I hold strong beliefs in natural medicine and hold a very strong boundary with toxic chemicals, medicine and unnecessary health disrupters so I love that we have raw ingredients and essentials oils to step in and hold the shield of protection for my family and my baby.

So lets go through them.

BRAVE: Courage Blend.

This blend has 4 essential oils blended together into Fractionated Coconut Oil – Wild Orange, Amyris, Osmanthus and Cinnamon.
It smells like a yummy hard boiled orange lolly.

While, mostly used to support children with big emotions like anxiety and fear and promote feelings of courage and to feel brave, it can also be used to encourage motivation and reassurance by breaking down fear based barriers so they can focus on challenging themselves.

It helps with making new friends, potty training, learning a new sport and even just simply speaking the imagination to let kids be kids. A huge one, and most popular of parents is that this can be used to break electronics addiction.

Apply this to their wrists, across the heart and breathing in deeply from the palms of hands.

NOTE: This blend contains citrus oil, which will make the skin photosensitive in areas where it’s applied. Make note to apply under children’s clothing if they’re going out into the sunshine.

Stronger – Protective Blend.

This is one of the most used blends for my son as it has some really supportive essential oils in this blend that i like to prioritise in his oil protocols – Frankincense and Rose especially!

The main ingredients are – Cedarwood, Litsea, Frankincense and Rose.
Frankincense is really powerful essential oil when it comes to cellular health, which also helps majorly with immune system function, keeping it strong and ready to fight.

Rose, is another. It has the highest frequency in the essential oil world and can be used to support the body in basically every single way – raising the frequency of the body system that is not vibrating too strong.

This blend helps support children to keep a super hero immune system, it’s truly all we want for our kids.

Apply this roller down their spine daily, breathe in off palms, roll onto hands to keep them sanitised and apply to back of neck, wrists and bottoms of feet – The oil absorbs into the blood stream and helps the body where it’s needed.

Calmer – Restful Blend.

This blend is every mother’s favourite – being a restful blend, it has essentials oils like – Lavender, Cananga, Buddha Wood and Roman Chamomile which are heavy hitting grounding oils to leave you feeling calm.

This is a favourite for bedtime, however it’s more of a favourite for children who have big emotions like anxiety – that’s what makes this a mama’s favourite because we can watch our children calm in seconds after applying or breathing in this blend. No mama likes seeing their babe upset, nervous and panicky.

It is used at night to calm children who have bad dreams – it helps remove the fear and bring calm back to them so they can fall back asleep.

It also helps with big emotions such as anger, frustration and tantrums by calming the senses, and reaching the emotions to bring on a positive emotion to counteract their feeling.

Apply to the child’s spine, back of neck, temples, and on the bottoms of their feet to bring on feelings of peace, calm and contentment.

Rescuer – Soothing Blend.

Growing up comes with some physical pain sometimes. When your child complains of sore legs, or arms, this is the blend you want to reach for.
It’s a gentle blend of – Copaiba, Lavender, Spearmint and Zanthoxylum to help with the inflammation within the body.

Roll the roller down the legs of your child and massage it in, or add some fractionated coconut oil for a soothing massage for your child to help with quick relief of sore muscles.

This could be due to growing pains, or maybe after a game of soccer, or sports day at school, or by being very active down at the park.

It helps with bruising and bumps by helping to take the pain away, and helps reduce any swelling and inflammation AND it also helps with stinky feet, so apply it to those feet before and after school!

It’s the perfect crash remedy!

Thinker – Focus Blend.

If you have a child of school age and attends school, this blend makes a huge difference in class. It promotes focus – we say in our house that it puts the blinkers on, allowing your child to tune out distraction and hone in on their school work and pay more attention in class.

There has been some wonderful feedback from mothers who have seen firsthand the wonders of this blend at school. It supports children with ADHD and learning disabilities so much – this has been in testimonials from parents AND teachers who have seen the difference in the children.

It contains – Vetiver, Peppermint, Clementine and Rosemary.

Actually, if i’m being honest, i put this on when i sat down in my office to write this! I am so productive when i have it on. I apply it directly to the crown of my head, back of neck and wrists.

It helps with creativity in children, calms hyperactivity and helps kids with test taking by focusing and absorbing information.

Steady – Grounding Blend.

This is a beautiful smelling blend that helps children to feel more grounded and aware which helps with social anxiety, and gives them superhero confidence!

The essential oils in this blend are – Amyris, Balsam Fir, Coriander and Magnolia.

It’s been reported that it has calmed busy school mornings by helping children focus on the task of getting ready without distractions aswell as helping with big emotions related to school and gets families out the door quicker.

It is also very helpful with feelings of disappointment or discouragement – it helps to promote positive feelings to counteract those feelings which makes this a bad news buster and brings feelings of safety.

The good thing is, these blends aren’t just for children. Adults have the same needs as children, so these can be used for adults to reach the same support.

You can purchase little silicone holders that clip these rollers onto your child’s bag to keep them safe so they can use them while at school when they need them.

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I hope you enjoyed getting to know these essential oil blends for children,
Please share if it helped you, as it might help someone else you know.
I thankyou deeply for your support xo

Enjoy a mini class of using essential oils and children.
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