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Fast Start Bonus.

Fast Start Bonus.

Hey guys!
So, i’m going to show you in this post how to make your Loyalty Rewards Program order more affordable for you. I’ll show you how to get your oils paid for, constantly – which is a gift from doTERRA.

How to earn Fast Start:

When you join with doTERRA, you obviously want to purchase all of the oils and use them in your world – but, it can get a little pricey if they’re not your number one priority.

They CAN be a priority though, if you make the swap and use them to replace your cleaning products, or your supermarket bought items such as:
Toothpaste, Hair Care, Soaps, Body Wash, Vitamins, Cleaners and so much more.
Then ordering through your doTERRA account becomes more beneficial and more of a priority.

This also means that you are cutting costs, and the longer you order through your doTERRA Rewards Program, the more costs you will cut as you earn points AND your Fast Start.

What is Fast Start & Why do i want it?

Fast Start is a bonus that is paid out weekly from doTERRA as a reward for you sharing the oils with friends, family, the postman, your friend of a friend etc.

When you share and get oils into other peoples homes by starting them up with their own account, you will earn a commission bonus.

When you enrol someone, you will receive 20% of their PV in cash.
That cash goes into your AR Balance (Accounts Receivable) to use to purchase your product.
You will receive this bonus for 60 days of their enrolment.
*You can find your AR Balance on your dashboard.

This bonus is in place for you to be able to show your enrollee ‘the ropes’ and to help them get started with the right oils for them and their home.

How do i qualify for Fast Start?

In order to qualify for Fast Start, you must be ordering through the Loyalty Rewards Program and have an order of 100pv processing, or before that enrolment goes through, and then for the next 60 days.

If you’re not on the Loyalty Rewards Program yet, you can read about it here.

How much will i get?

Lets do some example scenarios:

Scenario 1:
You enrol a friend with a Home Essentials Starter Kit.
That kit is 235PV.
You would earn 20% of 235 – which is 47.
So your first payment is $47.
You will also receive 20% of any further purchases from that enrollee in their first 60 days.

Scenario 2:
You enrol someone with an 100PV custom order.
You would get $20.
They then start on the Loyalty Rewards Program and place an 125PV order.
You would get $25.
They also place another 125pv LRP order.
You would get another $25.
You have earned $70 from that enrollee’s 60 day period.

I’m going to point out the best part here, you have got oils into somebody’s home and changed their lives – That feeling is worth more than any money in the world so give yourself a HUGE pat on the back!

REMEMBER: make sure you have 100pv set in your Rewards Program cart when enrolling.
If you forget, and the computer does the commission run, it wont recognise you for your bonus and you will miss out – so i’m telling you this so you don’t miss out!

There are many, MANY ways you can receive bonuses in doTERRA.
What you just read above, is how easy it is to get your oils paid for AND to start business building to create a lifestyle for your family, and create residual income.

To recap:

  • You get rewarded for sharing and getting people started with their own doTERRA accounts.
  • You will be paid weekly and get 20% of that enrollee’s PV for their first 60 days.
  • If they start on the Rewards Program, you will continue to receive the fast start bonus on their LRP orders until their 60 days is up.

Please Note:

When you enrol someone, dont leave them all alone! PLEASE!
There is SO much to learn when you join the world of doTERRA – you would all remember the feeling!

If you’re not educating as such, connect them with someone in your team who is – if that is me, reach out and introduce them to me and we can work together in guiding them through the learning period.

Add them to your team facebook groups, any trainings within the team and introduce them to your upline WHO IS educating.
We are all a team when we join together – a family even!
Don’t leave them all alone, i beg you!

We have been gifted this bonus as such a beautiful thing, remember to see it as a blessing, and keep your heart motive on getting people’s lives changed by using oils — it’s the doTERRA culture.

If you’re confused by this, or have any questions,
i’d love to chat and clear it up for you.

Lots of Love, Hayley xo

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