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Low Tox Washing Powder

Low Tox Washing Powder

It is so rewarding to be able to change the cleaning products in our home to a better and cleaner option. It’s even better when it’s saving you money AND saving your health.

This recipe is super easy to do. I did it all with a toddler on my hip.
But not only is it easy, it lasts SO long!
In 2019, I made this recipe in July and it lasted me until January 2020.

Now, to prove it goes along way, I run my washing machine twice a day because I am washing cloth nappies, hubby’s work clothes and I have a toddler so there is always clothes that need to be washed!
All this washing and it still lasted me from July to January.

This recipe makes 3.3 kilos.
I fill up a Jar from Kmart which holds 2.8 kilos, and then I recycled one of the buckets that the raw ingredients come in to hold the ‘overflow’ powder.

Most of the raw ingredients I get from Range Products.
My other favourite store is Diffusional which are both located in Perth, Western Australia.
My other favourite store is Oils For Life Australia.
Range Products and Diffusional are local to me, so I can pick them up.

Raw Ingredients from Diffusional.

Now, this formula has a very basic smell to it, which means it’s a nothing smell.
This is where Essential Oils come in, to create the perfect aromatically pleasing smell that you want for your washing.
This means there’s no added fillers, synthetic ingredients and no need for artificial fragrance.

I love that you can add the essential oils that you want to it to customise the scent you want for your washing/laundry, or another thing you can do is keep your fave essential oils in the laundry to add directly to your washing as your putting in the powder – that way you can change it up like using Lavender for your sheets and bedding, or citrus to your clothing and bath towels.
Find Oils here:


1kg Borax
1kg Sodium Carbonate
800g Fine Salt
500g Coconut Soap Powder
100g Sodium Bicarbonate
1-2 TBSP Essential Oils

Mix together thoroughly in a bucket
(I use one with a lid so I can shake it to mix it together)
Add mixture to an airtight container of your choice.
Use a teaspoon of powder for each wash.

See how easy it is?!

Tip: Make this recipe in a well ventilated room or area as the ingredients become airborne and can irritate when breathed in – however not harmful.
(basically just makes you cough)

Hope you guys enjoyed this recipe and find it useful to your low tox journey and health of your family.

Make sure to leave a comment below if you’re loving these low tox recipes!
I’d love to hear what you’d like to see next!

Lots of love, Hayley xo

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