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DIY Deodoriser

DIY Deodoriser

This do it yourself recipe is so simple, you guys.
It’s Bicarb and it’s essential oils.
Done. Simple.

This recipe contains two of the main ingredients that I clean my home with, and why do I choose them?
They are natural, cheap, non toxic and do a freaking amazing job with cleaning many different areas.

Today we are talking Deodoriser.
It’s a deodoriser of carpets.
It’s a deodoriser of couches.
It’s a deodoriser of matresses.
It’s even a deodoriser of dog beds and car interiors.

All you need is an empty jar with a lid with holes in it to sprinkle the mixture through.
I recycle all my empty herb jars, because they already have the ‘sprinkle lid’.

To make the mixture, you want a bowl, a funnel, your bicarb and oils, plus a spoon to mix it all together.

Place your Bicarb into the bowl.
Add 4-6 drops of your chosen essential oils.
Mix thoroughly to make sure you don’t have oil lumps through your mixture.
(you could even use a fork to break it up more)
Then use your spoon to scoop it up and send it down the funnel into your jar.
Pop the lid on and bob’s your uncle!

What essential oils can be used?
You can really use any essential oils that you like; But here’s my personal favourites.
Lemon: Because i always say “It’s just not clean, until it’s Lemon clean!”
Lemon is super refreshing, cleansing and can create a positive environment.

Wild Orange: Much like Lemon, it’s also very cleansing, and a mood booster, but has strong antibacterial properties too.

Lavender: As a big impacter on restful sleep, I like using lavender on my mattress as the aromatic molecules will help with sleep and grounding.

Tea Tree, On Guard, Purify: All incredible essential oils for germ busting and creating a safer environment by helping to remove harmful pathogens, you just never know what’s growing in your carpet and furniture!

Get Essential Oils here:


Why is bicarb used for this?
Firstly, it’s an inexpensive ingredient that does a good job!
It’s a natural, raw ingredient so helps you cut out toxic cleaners in your home that you, your children and even animals are exposed to.
It helps to grab the dirt/dust from surfaces and helps absorb and neutralise the odours in your carpet, mattresses or rugs.
and did I mention it’s cheap?!

Fun tip:
You can save up all your smaller herb jars and fill them all with different oils to customise your favourite smells, and keep them in different rooms to use on different areas!


If you loved this recipe, lets me know in the comments!
If you make it, don’t forget to snap a picture and tag me on Instagram @hayleysliquidlove

Thanks guys!
Lots of love, Hayley xo

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