Low Tox Cleaning
DIY Surface Spray.

DIY Surface Spray.

It has never become more important to remove toxins from your environment. With the world in the state it is, the time is now.

Our immune system relies on a non toxic environment to thrive. By making the swap to low tox cleaning products and other things in your home and around you, you are doing your immune system a favour by reducing the toxic load it has to deal with everyday.

Our Immune System is an absolutely wonderful creation, and most of us have absolutely no understanding of how it works. I never did, until I dove into essential oils and looked deeper.

It basically keeps our body going, sifting through everything that enters the body and if it’s not of a natural substance, it removes it.

But that’s a topic for another blog.

Lets chat how to make a HUGE low tox switch in our home, by using natural raw ingredients to make our own cleaning products. Something that you use everyday and probably never knew it was harmful to you.

Guys, it is SO easy. The problem is there is way too much information out there which makes it overwhelming, so i’m hoping that with the series of DIY blogs, I can help you feel more confident in what it takes!

So how do I make my surface spray?

Having my own doTERRA account means I get to use the On Guard Cleaner Concentrate which is the base of all of my cleaners.
But if you haven’t got this on hand, I’ll show you how you can still create an amazing cleaning spray for your home.

It’s that easy.
Then the power really comes from the essential oils you use.
I love Citrus, Tea Tree or On Guard for my surfaces as they are all extremely cleansing.
Find out how to purchase doTERRA here

Some of my favourites to use in my sprays.

I purchase the Castile Soap from Diffusional Aromatherapy Supplies.
She’s local to me, and I love to support local! She also sells the spray bottles and the most gorgeous little labels for them too.

Back to the On Guard Cleaner Concentrate – you just cannot beat this stuff when it comes to cleaning.
The liquid Castile Soap is amazing, BUT until you’ve tried the Cleaner Concentrate, you’ll never go back.
It can be used in everything! and because it’s a concentrate, you only need a tiny bit to go a long way!
The best part is there’s 5ml bottle of On Guard Protective blend in this cleaner.

On Guard Cleaner Concentrate.

If you loved this recipe, let me know in the comments!
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Thanks guys!
Lots of love, Hayley xo

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