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Work from home with Me!

Work from home with Me!

Hey, I’m Hayley.
I’m a Wifey and a mama.
I’m extremely passionate about things that are natural,
and Essential oils have done so much for me and my lifestyle that i just have to share them with others, and help them transform their life too.

From a crappy immune system, constant head tension and debilitating endometriosis,
plants and nature began to heal my body physically and emotionally, and brought back life into me.
I discovered that working in childcare wasn’t for me.

Since having my son i knew i wanted to stay at home to raise him, so when this opportunity came along,
I was lucky enough to have the support from my husband to stay home with my baby
and to share my love for nature and plants with people and give this a real go.
I launched my business later that year. (2017)

It has shaped me into something i never thought i’d ever be.
This once shy, insecure girl who could barely meet new people,
is now able to public speak, do live video’s for my community and meet strangers for coffee and a chat.

As corny as it sounds, I found myself, when i found doTERRA.
Now you have the opportunity to do the same.
I’ll be here for you, when you do.
Love Hayley xo

Sharing & Building With Doterra

When you partner with doTERRA, it’s all about the people and the product.
It’s not about the money, how much you know or what social media you run, it’s all about helping people get oils into their home.

The best part of getting the oils into people’s home is building a relationship with them, and educating them to use the oils to feel completely empowered!

You get to work from the comfort of your home, with a messy bun, hot coffee and stay in your PJ’s all day if you want to.

Or you get to hang out at coffee shops and share oils with people, or at the park teaching other mums about this natural goodness while your children play.

You get to work around your family, to be more present and spend more time building memories.

You get to build and nurture a team of empowered women (and men) and help them achieve any wellness goals or business goals and create a beautiful community of natural minded people.

You get to create residual income while you do all of that, to take away the financial burden and create freedom instead.

This is the kind of business that you can will to your grandchildren and set them up for life.

All you need to run a doTERRA business is a mobile phone, essential oils that you already have in your home and passion.

Now, this business takes work.
It is not a get rich quick scheme.
You HAVE to be willing to put in the work to get the results.
But with a passion and desire to help people and makes a difference in their lives, it is absolutely possible!

Is this you?
Do you have a natural mindset?
Do you like to challenge yourself?
Do you love helping people?
and love essential oils?
Then yes, this IS you!
Keep reading…

Why Partner With Doterra:

  • They are the largest essential oil company in the world.
  • They are Debt-free; no outside interest or funding.
  • They’re Part of the trillion dollar wellness industry.
  • Led by a diverse team of business, marketing and healthcare professionals with 150+ years of combined industry experience.

Record Breaking Retention

doTERRA has a 68% retention rate, compared to a direct selling industry average near 10 percent. After joining, 68% of all customers (given they’ve had great support and education) re-order, continue to share the products, or build a doTERRA business. 

How do i start earning?

So before you can start earning commission, you need to have your Loyalty Rewards Program set up and be placing 100pv orders every month.
Once you can commit to that, you can start sharing oils with others.

Essentially, your job is to empower others to create their own doTERRA accounts and live the doTERRA lifestyle. You want to teach them about the benefits of the Loyalty Rewards Program, how to use and love their products, and how they could potentially share and build with doTERRA.

Other things to note:
PV refers to your Personal Volume.
OV refers to the Overall Volume of your organisation.
OV generates from retail orders, enrolment orders, standard orders & Loyalty Rewards orders.

Now that you know what they mean, i’ll run you through the different ranks and what you need in place to achieve them.

*Not everybody will rank at the same pace, some build really fast and others take longer, because of this, the income earned will vary.


Monthly PV 100 | Monthly OV 1,000
No need for legs at this stage


Monthly PV 100 | Monthly OV 2,000
No need for legs at this stage


Monthly PV 100 | Monthly OV 3,000
No need for legs at this stage
Monthly Income: $304 per month*
Average Timeline: 3 months*


Monthly PV 100 | Monthly OV 5,000
2 Personally Enrolled Executive Legs
Average Monthly Income: $742 per month*
Average Timeline: 6 months*


Monthly PV 100 | Monthly OV 9,000
3 Personally Enrolled Elite legs
Average Monthly Income: $2198 per month*
Average Timeline: 18 months*


Monthly PV 100 | Monthly OV 15,000
3 Personally Enrolled Premier legs
Average Monthly Income: $4781 per month*
Average Timeline: 27 months*


Monthly PV 100 | Monthly OV 27,000
3 Personally Enrolled Silver legs
Average Monthly Income: $9,392 per month*
Average Timeline: 37 months*


Monthly PV 100 | Monthly OV 36,000
4 Personally Enrolled Silver legs
Average Monthly Income: $16,733 per month*
Average Timeline: 42 months*

Blue Diamond

Monthly PV 100 | Monthly OV 75,000
5 Personally Enrolled Gold legs
Average Monthly Income: $37,758*
Average Timeline: 58 months*

Presidential Diamond

Monthly PV 100 | Monthly OV 162,000
6 Personally Enrolled Platinum legs
Average Monthly Income: $110,083 per month*
Average Timeline: 71 months*

What can i offer?

  • Training and resources to show you the simple steps to creating a successful business.
  • Access to our VIP members only support group with training through videos, documents and graphics.
  • My personal support, inspiration and mentorship.
  • A community of like minded people who are there to encourage you and help you.
  • Guidance and help with your first steps to get started.

What is involved?

  • Choose what you want out of your doTERRA business; supplement your current income or replace your current income completely.
  • Essential Oils & Products you will absolutely LOVE having and would be buying without the business opportunity that will change your life.
  • A minimum investment of at least 10-15 hours a week, or more if you have goals you want to achieve faster.
  • A passion for wellness and helping others.
  • A driven attitude that is willing to try new things and consistently show up and work on your mindset and personal growth.
  • You are ready to step out of your comfort zone, stop making excuses, take full personal responsibility for your life and read to take action!
  • You are able to invest in your starter kit (most popular are Home Essentials or Nature’s Solutions these include the most savings BELOW wholesale prices and waive the $35 membership fee) or pay the $35 and create your own kit.

I am looking to invest my time, resources and energy into the right person to work one on one and help you launch your business.

Is this still you?
Get in contact with me to chat.

You’ll find me on:
Facebook | Hayleys Liquid Love.
Instagram | @hayleysliquidlove
Email |

I look forward to hearing from you!

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