When you join my team with a doTERRA wholesale account, you automatically get a free iTOVi scan with me, as a welcome gift.
You will get a Rewards Card aswell which gives you every 3rd scan free.
*This only applies if you are local.

“What the heck is an iTOVi Scanner?”
I’m so glad you asked!

The iTOVi scanner is a fantastic little device that helps us get to know what essential oils to be using to support us.

“The scanner uses Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and combines it with pressure sensor, temperature and Bluetooth technologies to measure small changes within the electrical conductivity of the skin.” – iTOVi.

So, In a Nutshell, the iTOVi helps us to know how to care for ourselves, by giving us personalised essential oil information, and helps us to keep track of our progress.

It measures the response from our body and is able to list the top 10 oils that would support us so we know where to start and what oils to use to help.

“Internal and environmental stressors, both useful and harmful, are some of the leading causes of these changes and generate reactions within the body. iTOVi traces these occurrences in the body by sending stimuli to induce a response“. – iTOVi

Like the sound of that?
You can invest in your own and scan you or your family members at any time.