Meet Hayley

Meet Hayley

Hello beautiful people,
I’m Hayley.
I’m a wifey, mum of a beautiful little boy and another due December 2021. I’m the owner of a wellness business that brings me so much joy and a video creator for my YouTube channel.

I have lived most of my life being very natural minded, and would always seek the more natural route to most things, but i was not educated or empowered enough to fully embrace that way of life, that was until 2014 when i started using essential oils.

It was a world i never even knew about until a Peppermint roller relieved my insanely painful head at a party one night.

I had some amazing health breakthrough’s, which made me dive in really deep and explore, research, test and use essential oils on such a deeper level, and realised the importance of reducing the toxic load in my body and in my home.

I have never felt better and live such a healthier lifestyle now, which has provided a healthier lifestyle for my family too – our dogs included.

With that knowledge, that was when my wellness business was created.
I became so passionate about healthier living and detoxing my home that i began naturally sharing this gift with other people and i enjoyed it so much.
When i shared the oils with others, that exact excitement and shock of the changes were mirrored with those i was sharing them with too.

Hayley’s Liquid Love stemmed from essential oils initially.
I helped people bring essential oils into their home and educated them so they knew how to use them to benefit their health, their mind and their home.

With essential oils being the foundation that i needed, I then took a step into empowering people to make the big changes in their lifestyle in terms of reducing their toxic load in their homes, such as overhauling their cleaning products, switching candles for diffusers, and taught them how to reduce their toxic load by making more conscious decisions when it came to what went in and on their bodies.

I now empower people to live a more beautiful life that is low tox and help them to strip away and create a healthy foundation in their life.
The content i create here reflects my low tox lifestyle and hopefully inspires others to make healthier choices for themselves.

I am so happy.
I get to do a job that i absolutely love with every fibre of my being.
I get to stay at home and raise my son and work around him and our play time.
I get to bring in some income that helps my family with things we wouldn’t be able to do, or afford.
and i get to do that by genuinely helping people.
It all started with essential oils.
It’s incredible.

I started my YouTube channel in March 2020 and have enjoyed creating videos of all sorts to entertain, motivate and inspire the community of people that I have attracted. I love creating content for them and have fallen deeply in love with the creative side it brings out in me.

I hope you enjoy my blog and get some useful information from it.
Have a little look around, and don’t forget to drop me a comment and say hey – i absolutely love meeting new people!

Lots of love, Hayley xo

YouTube: Hayley Puzey
YouTube Instagram: @hayleypuzey
Wellness Instagram: @hayleysliquidlove