Why doTERRA?

They have a CPTG Standard.

doTERRA are the most tested and most trusted company in the world with over 4.5 million customers. They pride themselves in their quality and their purity standard with their intensive third party testing.

There was no standard for essential oil quality so doTERRA created their own testing process called Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade
(or Certified Pure Tested Grade in Australia).

This process certifies that there are no hidden fillers, synthetic ingredients or contain harmful contaminants in their essential oils.

They are the only company to adhere to this standard.

They have a Record Breaking Retention Rate.

This means that majority of doTERRA’s customers are ordering again after their first purchase through their own accounts, which means that their product is being used.

Authentic Selling Approach

doTERRA have an Authentic Direct Selling approach where they lead with powerful products that sell regardless of the oppurtunity offered and they share a wellness lifestyle instead of selling an opportunity.

They have Rapid Growth

doTERRA started out from a team of doctors, scientists and business professionals who stepped out and built this company with their own savings and investments.

They became a Billion Dollar Company in 7 years!
(They have only been around for 11 years)
That is an incredible growth.

They are now the largest essential oil company in the world and are a part of the trillion dollar wellness industry.

They are caring

doTERRA Founder, Emily Wright with a woman from Nepal after a huge earthquake. doTERRA were there doing some work within the commmunity.
This photo is beautiful because although there were massive language barriers, it shows that the heart only speaks one language.

doTERRA are a debt-free company which means they do not have funding or loans, which allows them to be able to extend help and create partnerships with growers around the world, providing jobs in third world countries and setting them up with clean water, schooling, healthcare centres and more through the Co-Impact Sourcing and the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation.
Learn more at sourcetoyou.com

“A doTERRA Pipeline touches many lives”

Not only do the essential oils change YOUR life for the better, but it also changes growers lives and their communities for the better.
Entire regions and cultures are impacted because YOU share health and hope.