Firstly, i want to say how proud i am of you for taking the first step to bring essential oils into your home for a better life.
It will be the thing that you look back on in a years time and feel so grateful that you started when you did.
I promise you.

So how can you order?

You can order through my online shop at full Retail prices,
You can create your own account to have access to the Wholesale pricing for a full year – 25% off.
Having an account opens up the opportunity to get free oils and the ability to build up your points as you order which can then be used as cash towards more free oils.

You have two options when it comes to enrolling;

Option 1
Purchase an enrolment pack for $35 and customise your order.

Enrolment Package + Customise order.

Option 2 
Purchase a starter pack and waive the enrolment fee.
PLUS you will save heaps as these kits are heavily discounted already for an affordable and achievable way for you to start using essential oils.

Home Essentials Kit – Top 10 oils and Petal Diffuser.

Once you have joined, you will then have access to a private support group where there is ongoing support and education on how to use your oils, updates on monthly promotions, resources, how to navigate your account and more.

This allows you to feel empowered to use your essential oils and to be proactive in your own health and wellbeing.

Once you have your doTERRA account and have begun using your essential oils, you then have the opportunity to join the LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM which allows you to earn product points and free product from your orders every month.

Read about the Loyalty Rewards Program here:

A yearly renewal of your membership is completely optional should you choose to continue with doTERRA.
The renewal fee is discounted to a small $25 and you get a Peppermint Essential Oil as a thank you gift.
So basically, you buy a Peppermint Oil to renew your account.
(doTERRA never leave you empty handed!)

Head over to http://mydoterra.com/hayleysliquidlove
Click Join and Save.
Choose your Starter Kit or Enrolment Pack.
Fill in your details and…

I am so glad to have you, you’ll hear from me soon.

Lots of love, Hayley x