Gift Giving Guide

Welcome to my Gift Giving Guide!If you guys are new here, I’m Hayley and i’m a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, and i specialise in helping people start to live a low tox lifestyle using essential oils and other natural products. In this gift guide, i’ll be running through my doTERRA shop andcategorising items into price categories for all sorts of budgets.You’ll […]

How to plan your social media for the month.

Are you stuck with ideas on what to post?Or maybe you feel like you’re always on your phone or computer creating content?I know i did! I was constantly feeling stressed out about having to post to my social media, and i was creating content right when i thought about it, which meant i was so disconnected from my world and […]

Lifelong Vitality Supplement Trio.

Lifelong Vitality Trio | Free with Enrolment in November. Every single wellness protocol starts with this trio because every single ailment and dis-ease stems from inflammation and we know that every solution happens at a cellular level. These should be the foundation of everyone’s health journey as it helps to fill the gaps that are left in our nutrition and […]

Which diffuser is right for you?

Hey guys!I’m so happy to have you here, and hope that you find this post useful in choosing the right diffuser for you.Whether it means one that fits in with your home decor, or one that runs the longest at night, or has the biggest output. You’ll see throughout this post that i’m talking about doTERRA’s diffuser options, as i’ve […]

September Promotions.

Hello everybody — Happy Spring!It is already September, and i definately feel that this year has flown by so fast, everyones mental space has been in a constant state of confusion since the start of March, and now we’ve been spat out in September — what theee! It’s been a long, draining and gloomy winter, but now it’s time to […]

Wild Orange Body Scrub.

This is the most beautiful body scrub that i’ve ever made, and it’s incredibly easy too. But the best part is that it’s so natural that i even licked the spoon when i was done mixing it all together. It’s made from completely 100% edible items (except the container!) making this safe and nourishing to your skin. It smells absolutely […]

Pop Up Camper.

Hey everyone and welcome to my blog about our new camper! My husband and I purchased a Jayco Dove Pop Up Camper for our family in July 2020. As children, we both grew up camping and getting “off the grid” a few times a year and this is something we both love doing and want to continue with our son […]

The Limbic System | How does it work?

Hey guys, in this post I talk about how the Limbic System works, what the Limbic System is, what it does and why we should be careful with what its exposed to.So for those who don’t know what it is, or why it’s such a huge part of our body system, then keep reading.I promise you that by the end […]

Natural Support for dogs.

This post is a little different than my others.Ive been using essential oils to support my family for years, and over time I have learnt what works, and what doesn’t, what feels good and what doesn’t, and I’ve seen their healing power right in front of my eyes. There’s a lot of mixed information out there on the World Wide […]

Makeup Brush Cleaner

Healthy skin is a woman’s best friend.When your skin is healthy, your makeup goes on better, you feel more confident, you have a glow… By using a natural cleaner for your makeup brush not only cleans your brushes, it will keep harsh chemicals off of your skin – you’re biggest organ! Our makeup brushes need to be cleaned often, we […]