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DIY Dishwashing Liquid

DIY Dishwashing Liquid

When people think of making their own cleaning products, they get so overwhelmed because their brain complicates it.
They’re so used to going to the store and buying them ready made from the shelf, “so if I have to make them, that’s just too hard!”

I’m here to tell you that’s not the case.
Making your own cleaning products is so freaking easy – especially today’s recipe!

This dishwashing liquid has been the best thing ever for me.
I used to get SUCH dry hands from my supermarket liquid to the point to that they would crack and sometimes peel.

This stuff, not only cleans better and smells more amazing, but it doesn’t dry out your hands or contain any chemicals that can be absorbed into the body.

My formula contains 3 ingredients.
– On Guard Cleaner Concentrate.
– Water.
– Any essential oils that I want to add.
It’s seriously as simple as that!

– Add 1 TBSP of On Guard Cleaner Concentrate to a 500ml Glass Bottle.
– Top up with cool boiled water.
– Add 10-20 drops of your preferred essential oils.
(I love Litsea or Wild Orange in mine)
– Put a pump top on the bottle and away you go!

How do you know what oils to use?
Citrus Oils are natural degreasers, purifying and antibacterial.
Tea Tree is powerful in it’s antibacterial properties.
On Guard is a powerful antiseptic and kills germs on surfaces.
You can really add in any oil of your choice.

Fun Fact: The hot water in the sink works as a diffuser, sending the oil molecules and aromatic compounds into the air to be inhaled and benefit mood, emotions, hormones, and every bodily functions.

Now, if you don’t have a doTERRA account, there is an alternative recipe that doesn’t have the On Guard Cleaner Concentrate but I’ve tried the two, and i find better results with the OG Cleaner.

Add 2 cups of Liquid Castile Soap.
Add 20 drops of Lime Essential Oil
Add 8 drops of Wild Orange Essential Oil
Add 6 drops of Citrus Bliss Essential Oil
(So I guess you’ll need essential oils for the heavy cleaning)
Then add 1 TBSP to your sink water to create the soap.

How to purchase doTERRA essential oils?
Click here

Purchase Castile Soap here

Purchase Pump Bottles here

I hope you enjoyed this post, and it helps you to understand how incredibly easy it is to make your own non toxic products.

If you liked it, id appreciate you leaving some love in the comments.

Lots of love, Hayley x

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