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DIY Cleaning Wipes.

DIY Cleaning Wipes.

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my DIY Series!

We have covered a few DIY items now, so I thought I would cover the one thing that everyone uses, whether it be a quick clean, a deep clean or just a tidy up — cleaning wipes.

Well, In saying that, I know that not everyone uses cleaning wipes, I know I didn’t, until I did!
The day I discovered these, was the day my cleaning days changed forever.
I could say goodbye to the manky old cloth and use these instead.

It’s a simple way to clean your home and also another easy way to continue to keep toxic chemical cleaning products out of your home.
(If your after something a little more sustainable, you can cut up old pieces of clothing or buy heaps of kids flannels and use them in this formula too.)

All you need is some Viva paper towel, water, witch hazel (optional) and your essential oils.
Oh, and a air tight container to keep them in.

How to make them:
Step 1. Cut your Viva paper towel in half with a sharp knife.
Step 2. Fill a glass with 1 cup of water, add in a Tablespoon of witch hazel and 5 drops of the essential oils of your choice and mix together.
Step 3. Place your halved viva paper towel into the container you’ll be using, making sure you leave the cardboard insert in.
Step 4. Pour half the mixture into the middle of the cardboard insert and the other half around on the top of the paper towel and let it soak.
Step 5. Once it’s soaked for a bit, you should be able to pull the cardboard insert out with ease. Remove the insert and find the end of the paper towel and pull to the top. That is the end you’ll be pulling from as you use the wipes.
and your done!
That’s as simple as it is.

Now you’re ready to clean your surfaces while getting the aromatic benefits as you clean.
Chuck on your favourite playlist and open up all the blinds for motivation!

If your new to oils and want to get some into your home I would encourage you to reach out for a chat, I can help you get the right oils for you and at the best price.
OR read how to purchase them here

This recipe can be used to make your own DIY Nappy Wipes to keep those harsh chemicals away from your babies skin!
All you need to do is replace the witch hazel with fractionated coconut oil instead and add skin loving essential oils.
We use Lavender, Tea Tree and Frankincense in ours.

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lots of love, Hayley xo

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